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Frequently Asked Questions.

1.)  Why do children come to Blessing House?

Children come to stay with us because their families are facing an emergency.  These emergencies include:

      • Homelessness or other housing issues
      • Substance abuse
      • Hospitalization or medical issues
      • Domestic violence
      • Incarceration
      • Risk of abuse or neglect/lack of appropriate care
      • Legal matters
      • Mental health/parenting issues
      • Employment
      • Family Stabilization


2.)   How long can children stay at Blessing House?

Each stay is determined by the family’s situation.  The length of stay depends on the nature of the emergency and the assurance that the children are returning to a safe environment.


3.)   How many children can stay at Blessing House at once?

We are licensed to care for up to 10 children at a time.


4.)   What age children can come to Blessing House?

We care for children newborn through 12 years old.


5.)    Can parents stay with their children at Blessing House?

No, only children are permitted to stay at Blessing House, but we do provide information and support services to our parents and caregivers to help them address their needs.


6.)   Where does the money to operate Blessing House come from?

Our funding comes from a variety of sources.  We have received support from local foundations including The Nord Family Foundation, The Alyce J. and Ann J. Metka Foundation, The Community Foundation of Lorain County, The Norton Family Foundation, The Nordson Corporation Foundation, The Humility of Mary Endowment Fund, and The Giant Eagle Foundation.

We have a major fundraiser, the annual Rock-A-Bye Ball that provides a substantial part of our funding.  This event is held in November each year.

We are a United Way agency and receive an annual allocation from them.  We also receive designated contributions through United Way from individuals who designate us to receive their United Way contributions.

We are also generously supported by businesses, organizations, churches and individuals in the community who make contributions, sponsor fundraisers and help spread the word about Blessing House.

We are an independent non profit organization and we are not affiliated with any other organization or agency.


7.)   What benefits do the children receive by coming to Blessing House?

    • Children are kept safe rather than being left in an unsafe environment or with an inappropriate caregiver.
    • Children receive attention in addition to healthy meals, snacks, and shelter.
    • Children thrive in an environment that brings routine and stability to their lives.
    • Children establish positive relationships with staff.
    • Children attend their home schools while at Blessing House, minimizing the disruption in their lives during their family’s crisis.

8.)  What benefits do the parents/caregivers receive when their children come to Blessing House?

    • Families are relieved to know their children are safe and well cared for.
    • Families receive information to help them resolve their crisis.
    • Families know they have an  organization that will provide help and information whenever a crisis arises, no matter the time of day or night.
    • Families are strengthened and supported when no safe, out of home alternative for the care of their children is available.
    • Parents seek help more readily because they retain custody while their children are at Blessing House.
    • Families form relationships with staff built on trust and compassion.