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Easy Online Bidding.


Using Your Smartphone!




On your own smartphone, you are able to:

  • Bid on silent auction items during the event
  • Monitor bids on auction items throughout the course of the night
  • Checkout and pay your bill without having to leave your seat

Smartphone bidding will allow you to:

  • Receive notifications about bids on specific items you would like to bid on
  • Set up automatic bidding with limits and caps
  • Monitor bidding on all items available



Before the event, you will need to go to our event website and register as a bidder. You will only need to register your phone number, email address and a credit card for easy payment.

If you don’t register before the event, then you can register that night when you arrive. Once you register, you are able to bid on anything you would like. Communications and instructions will come directly to your phone through text messages.


Who can bid on auction items:

Anyone who registers, whether attending the event or not can bid and win auction items.

What if someone wants to bid on something and they do not have a smartphone?

There are “Bid Buddies” available who will place your bids for you. You still need to register with an email address and credit card to do this. Bid Buddies are available in the auction areas.

Will you be able to make a bid without registering?

No, the only way to make a bid will be through your smartphone or with a Bid Buddy. Everyone wanting to make a bid or charge raffle tickets will need to register a phone number, email address and credit card.

Who can purchase raffle tickets for one of the great raffles?

Only individuals attending the event will be able to purchase tickets for the raffles. These tickets can either be charged to your account and paid at checkout or purchased by cash or check.

What if you do not want to pay your bill by credit card?

Your credit card will only be used to pay your bill if you authorize it. If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, you may do so and your card will not be charged.

How will you know what you win?

There will be notices sent to your phone letting you know when the auction is going to close. The closing is coordinated electronically by Gesture. After the closing, an invoice will be available to you on your phone and you are ready for checkout. You either pay then directly on your phone, or proceed to the checkout to pay by cash or check. If you pay by phone, you will just need to show your paid statement on your phone to the volunteer runners who will get your auction item for you.

What if I win something and I am not there?

You will find out through your phone whether or not you have won something. If you have won, your credit card will be charged for payment and then you can contact Blessing House on the next business day to make arrangements to get the item you won.

Will you be able to make donations to Blessing House, too?

Of course you will! Donations are easy to make and appreciated.

Visit our Facebook Page and Web Page to get more tips about online bidding. Learn how you can make automatic raises on your bids within the limits you set. Learn how you can monitor certain items that you would like to bid on once bidding starts. Learn how you can find out how many other bidders are actively bidding on the item you would like. Learn how you can place a bid to buy an item instantly.