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Our Services.

Services Provided

 Children are cared for at Blessing House in a homelike environment.  Our child care staff are screened and trained to provide loving care to our children to make their time away from home as comfortable as possible.

Children are transported to their home schools while staying at Blessing House.  Children are also transported to doctor appointments and receive visits from therapists and caseworkers as scheduled.

Children follow a schedule that helps them adjust to being away from home.  They receive healthy meals and snacks and plenty of exercise in our huge backyard.

Families are encouraged to visit and call their children while at Blessing House.   This is reassuring to both children and parents.

Families are provided with resource information as needed to help resolve their problems.  This information may include resources regarding housing, financial assistance, and where to get food, clothing and furniture.  Blessing House also passes on donations of food, clothing, toys and other items that are received from the community to families who need these items.