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Christmas newsletter 2015



St. Anthony Messenger

In May, an article was printed in The St. Anthony Messenger, a national magazine published by Fransiscan Media.  The article was written by Jerri Donohue who also wrote an article that was published in our local Cleveland Universe Bulletin.  William Rieter took the pictures.

The article does a nice job about telling our story.  Read and enjoy!

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“Cleveland’s Blessing House” by Jerri Donohue, from St. Anthony Messenger magazine, is used by permission of Franciscan Media. ©2015. All rights reserved.




 “Safe at Home”

This fall, we were contacted by Drew Dickler and Jake Hochendoner of StoryLens, a production company that was working on a project focused on telling the stories of organizations that helped people and needed to have their stories told.  This project was being funded by The Nord Family Foundation, a long time generous supporter of Blessing House.

Drew and Jake spent many hours working on this project, visiting to hear about what we did, planning and doing the filming, then editing, mixing and producing the final product along with Geoff Pingree and Rian Brown of Ice Lens Pictures.

We are thrilled with the film that Drew, Jake, Rian and Geoff produced.  It tells our story and gives those who have not had a chance to visit an opportunity to see and hear about what we do.

Please take a few moments to watch “Safe at Home.”

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2014 Christmas Newsletter




Click here to read the article printed in the Sisters of Notre Dame “Network” Magazine, Summer Issue.


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