Posted on February 16, 2015 · Posted in Message from our Director

The excitement of Christmas is over and the cold of winter has set in.  With it comes the calls from families who are struggling, families who have no place to live, families who are having problems paying their utilities, families who need things for their children.  We also find this is the time of year when parents have a hard time keeping a positive attitude about things just because of being overwhelmed.  I believe there is a lot to the talk about “winter doldrums” that comes with this time of year.

But even in the midst of the cold, our staff and our children have found time to play.  Not too long ago, after one of our snowfalls, it warmed up enough for our children to go out and make a snowman.  They were so excited and had a great time.  What they enjoyed the most was having someone spend the time with them working on this project.

I want to say thank you in a special way to our staff who does such a great job providing loving care for our children.  They come in every day and give of themselves to make sure that the children are safe and have experiences that help them feel good about themselves.

The winter doldrums may be out and about, but the children at Blessing House haven’t caught them yet, thanks to our staff.

A special thanks to all who care for our children at Blessing House.

We appreciate you!