Season of Waiting

Posted on December 10, 2014 · Posted in Message from our Director

During this time leading up to Christmas, this season of Advent, we are waiting.  We are preparing for God to send his son, Jesus, and waiting in anticipation.  We all enjoy the singing, shopping, baking cookies, Christmas caroling and decorating that come with the season.  But for some of our children, the waiting is much different.

For some of our children, they are waiting for a home to live in, a place where maybe they can have their own bedroom and a place to put the new toys they hope Santa will bring to them.  Some are waiting for their parents to get a job so that the electric bill can be paid and the heat can be turned back on.  Some are waiting for their Grandmas, or Mothers to feel better, so they can take care of them again.  Some are waiting for their families to resolve the legal issues which determine who they are going to live with.

The children at Blessing House are all waiting for something to happen because they want to return home to a safe place where they can be with their families.

We know when our waiting will end, when we celebrate Christ’s birth on Christmas morning.  But our children don’t always know when their waiting will end.  They are hopeful each time the phone or doorbell rings that maybe this time, someone would be coming to take them home.

While it is hard for the children as they wait, they are comforted to know they are cared for and are safe.  They find reassurance in the hugs and encouragement of the women who care for them.  They are excited as they, too, get to help make cookies, go look at Christmas lights and help decorate the tree.  They talk about Santa Claus and what they want for Christmas, confident that Santa will find them no matter where they are.

As we await the coming of the Savior on Christmas morning, please keep our children and families in your prayers.  They are waiting, too.  But even as they wait, it helps that they know others care about them and this gives them hope.

Of all of the gifts we could give our families this Christmas, hope is the greatest gift of all.

Thank you to all who help us bring hope to our children and families.