Every Day Miracles – A Child’s Prayer

Posted on December 8, 2014 · Posted in Every Day Miracles

When Amy arrived, she walked to the back hall, took off her shoes and put them on the rack.  Then she went to the lobby so she could get her picture taken.  After a few more “check-in” procedures, she was ready to join the rest of the children in the playroom.

 Amy was familiar with the routine because she had been to Blessing House several times before.  Amy and her brother were being raised by their grandmother and since grandma didn’t have anyone else who could help her, the children stayed at Blessing House whenever Grandma needed help.

Amy gave Miss Terri a big hug and Miss Terri told Amy how much she had missed her.  Amy just grinned and shrugged her shoulders as she made her way to the Dora Playhouse.

I watched Amy play and wondered how much she knew about her Grandma who had just been hospitalized.  How much does a young child really understand about the consequences of illness?  Was Amy frightened when she found out that Grandma went to the hospital?

Later in the day, Sr. Mary arrived and told everyone that she had a surprise.  Sr. Mary said that she was taking everyone to a picnic!  Amy was so excited.  She loved picnics.

Amy had a great time at the picnic, playing games, eating a hot dog, and playing catch with the water balloons.  Everyone was so friendly and they even took her picture sitting on a motorcycle.  When she got back to Blessing House, she loudly proclaimed to whoever was listening, “This was the best day of my life!

As I heard Amy say this, all I could think of was Grandma laying in the hospital.

As the days went by, Amy would ask how Grandma was doing.  She couldn’t talk to Grandma for a few days, but everyone kept reassuring Amy that Grandma loved her and was thinking about her all the time.

Finally one day, Amy’s aunt arrived and told Amy that she was taking Amy and her brother to visit Grandma in the hospital.  Amy was excited that she would finally be able to see her Grandma again.

That evening, Grandma called to say goodnight to her grandchildren, but first she said she had a favor to ask of us.  She wanted to know if someone would please talk to Amy and reassure her that God does answer prayers.  When Amy had visited Grandma she told her, “Grandma, I have been praying and praying, but God isn’t answering my prayers!”

Grandma said she reassured her that God was answering her prayers, but Amy wasn’t convinced.  Amy could see that Grandma was sicker then she had thought and it frightened her.  How confusing it must have been for her when all she thought she had to do was ask God to fix her Grandma and then everything would be better.  Then she asked Grandma, “Do you think God hears me, even when I whisper?”

Grandma told her, “Amy, of course he does.  God hears everything.”

Amy was quiet that night, even after we reassured her that God was listening to her prayers.  There was so much to think about and it was all so confusing.  If God heard her prayers, why wasn’t Grandma OK?

Every night Grandma called to talk to Amy and her brother, and every night they asked her when she was coming to get them.  Grandma didn’t have an answer for them.  But she told them how much she loved them and missed them.  So every night Amy whispered her prayers, “God, please make my Grandma better.”

Finally, the day arrived.  When Amy got up, Miss Terri helped her wash her face and brush her teeth.  Then she saw the clothes that she was going to wear that day.  They were her own clothes, her “going home” clothes.  Amy knew that Grandma was finally coming to take her home.

Amy always liked coming to Blessing House, but this time she was really glad to be going home.  It had been a long time since Grandma had gotten her ready for bed and said her prayers with her at night.  She knew – This was going to be the best day of her life!

Amy will probably pray with Grandma tonight and tell God thanks for making Grandma better.

And Grandma will probably just say, “See, I told you God heard your prayers.”

“Even when you whisper.”